To be a reference point for those who wish to seize market opportunities on a global scale in the sector of tomato and vegetable products in general, with a focus on the customer, quality, and food safety.


Gandolfi Parma Italy, founded in Parma in 1930, is a leading brokerage & trading company in the world of tomato-based products.

From its foundation it dealt mainly with industrial semi-finished products for large consumers, collaborating with the most important global players in countries that process tomatoes (USA, Italy, China, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, etc. ).

Recently, it has also carried out brokerage, trading & consulting activities for the Retail (Private Label) and Food Service channels, providing services both to suppliers in search of new trade opportunities, and international customers (Retailers & Multinational Groups) interested in finished product services.



The company was founded over 80 years ago in the heart of one of the world’s most important tomato processing areas, developing its experience on the main world markets.

Gandolfi offers its own commercial, technical and service experience (e.g., logistics, BRC and IFS food safety certifications, etc.) to respond to requests from customers looking for specialized knowledge on tomato products, but not only.

Its list of services includes the supply of industrial packaging.



Whether the services are for processors/producers or customers of products for industry and finished products (Retail & Food Service), the company operates on the international markets. Specifically, for bulk purchases of tomato products, the search turns to the large global producers (the USA, Italy, China, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, etc.).

For the sale of finished products, the areas of greatest interest are the EU, the USA, and China, without excluding searches on all global markets, however.